Luna Blue 05/09/2017

Captivating funky breakdowns, astonishing guitar solos, soaring vocal lines and an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife. Constantly toeing the line between commercially viable toe-tapping tunes and rich, formidable and powerful compositions, Luna Blue are always trying to create something that is instantly enjoyable and yet totally unique.

Born in Chichester in 2015, Brighton based Luna Blue have gone from strength to strength, always looking for the next big challenge. In 2016 they won their university’s Ensemble of the Year award against over 80 other fantastic ensembles and bands of all types, shapes and sizes. Later that same year, the Alt Rock quartet went on to record and release their self-titled, demo EP.

In 2017, Luna Blue have and continue to play countless gigs and festivals, win competitions and awards and write better and better music. Their long anticipated EP ‘Nightjar’ will be released on the 25th August.

Current Discography
Nightjar Ep (To be released on 25th August)

1) Checkmate
2) Borrowed Words (Single – Released on 28th July)
3) Float Away
4) Take What You Get
5) Welcome Home
6) Nightjar
Demo EP (Released August 2016) – Scruffy, we tend not to promote this one too much!!
1) Take What You Get – Demo Version
2) Float Away – Demo Version
3) Virgin’s Jam
4) Dreamer
5) These Waters
6) The Chance
Nightjar EP (and Borrowed Words single) can be found virtually everywhere including Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes
Both EPs can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp
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Pay The Man (29/08/17)

Pay The Man is a solo project created in 2016 by musician Kyle David Smith (Ex- Caesars Rome, currently in Icantdie) although an acoustic project, Pay The Man experiments with all kinds of sounds within the genres of pop, punk, folk and alternative. The lyrics focus on personal matters in a style of emotional response and also a sense of cynical commentary on social life.

All material can be found on But my latest single is “Call The Police”,,

ins: @Kyle_schmitzel

Tio Rico (22/08/17)

Formed in December 2014 and playing their first gig in January 2015, Tío Rico are a raucous three piece from Manchester who have spent the last two years honing their sound, gigging, recording and playing more gigs; scoring them slots alongside the likes of Vanilla Pod and Faintest Idea, as well as a set at Rec Rock Festival (organized by The Verve’s Pete Salisbury).
Playing what they describe as Noise Gunk (A distorted blend of Noisy Grunge and Punk rock), the band consists of Ed on guitar/vocals, Scott on bass/vocals and Matt on drums. After the release of their single ‘Mr Big Shot’ in November 2016, the band have been back in the studio and recorded their first EP, Business & Pleasure, released on 7th of July 2017. Listen to the EP here.
Recorded in two days, by Will Farley of The Propagumbhis, Business & Pleasure is a fast and raw EP; from track 1’ ‘Hate Me”’s explosive opening line “What the fuck is happening here?”, through to the melodic and anthemic rally cry of closing track ‘Invincible’.
The first single from the EP, ‘Article 7’, is as punk rock as it gets with the chorus’ raging growl “Believe what you want to believe, but don’t push those beliefs on me”. There’s no cliché, static agenda to this band though: ’Writing wise we write about everything from the state of current politics to the pitfalls of Tinder’ says vocalist/guitarist Ed.
Tío Rico have a whole host of gigs lined up throughout the year. The band will also be releasing a new video soon, before returning to the studio to record their first full length album later in the year.

Current Discography
Mr Big Shot – Single (nov 2016)
Business and Pleasure – EP (July 2017)

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Peter Rhymer (15/08/17)

Peter Rhymer is a UK hip artist. He also organises and hosts events in London.

 Laura Power (25/07/17)

I’m an 18 year old acoustic indie folk singer-songwriter landed in the valleys in South Wales. I write my own original music and lyrics, I’ve done numerous of gigs locally and as far as the famous music venue The Fleece in Bristol. I’ve featured on a few radios from GTFM, U&I radio and Radio Beacon . I’m currently studying music at college where I took part in gigs and recording my own original songs in the studio too. I’ve also written with some of BBC Horizons favourites from Delyth Mclean, Mixalydia and Climbing Trees Frontman Matthew Frederick. I’ve also taken part in numeroIus of songwriting bootcamps where I’ve helped young musicians from the ages of 11 and older to write and create original music. I’m also playing my first two festivals this year first one being Hub Fest in Cardiff then Riverside Rocks in Newport. I hope to maintain a career in music as it’s the one thing I enjoy more than anything.

Current Discography
I’ve started laying guide tracks down for my ep but no further information as of yet.
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